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Hi, my nick is jack-3d. I am Amiga user since 1997 and reasons to buy it were Lightwave, nice music, colorful games and excellent AmigaOS. Thanks to local Amiga club (Amiga Klub Frýdlant) and his members (Jerry and Luky) I learnt beginings of 3D graphics, animations, web programming and AmigaOS maintenance.

During the years I equipped my Amigas with various HW, I owned also Pegasos computers and various PCs. I got interested in demoscene and demomaking. I joined demogroups and I also estabilished one. I like to visit demoparties, Amiga parties and I also organize one.

But thats just my hobbies, the most important thing is I am a proud father of two beautiful kids and they are priority one ;o)

My Amigas:


Amiga 500+

Description: My latest bought Amiga. Decided to buy A500+ to support one of current accelerator projects. Currently Amiga cofinguration is stock.
Configuration: KS2.04, ECS, 2 MB Chip RAM

Amiga 600

Description: My smallest Amiga but powerful enough to run all oldschool games and demos.
Configuration: KS3.1, FúriaEC020/37 MHz, 10 MB RAM, A603, 4GB HDD (Microdrive), Amiga OS3.9

Amiga 1200 (Escom)

Description: The yougest Amiga in my room. Bought “New Old Stock” from Petro Tyschtschenko few years back from forgotten stock in India. Its my first “completely new” Amiga I ever bought ;o)
Configuration: KS3.1, Blizzard 1230IV/50 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 36 GB HDD (SCSI), SCSI Kit IV, Amiga OS3.9

Amiga 1200T

Description: Towerized A1200 waiting for Vampire 1200.
Configuration: KS3.1, Lyra2, PCMCIA 90º adapter

Amiga 2000

Description: Big box destop waiting for Vampire 500V2+
Configuration: KS3.1, ECS, 68010/7 MHz, Alfadata IDE controller + 8MB, 8 GB HDD (CF), Thylacine Mini, Amiga OS2.1

Amiga 4000

Description: Lovely machine and currently used to play with Sonnet Crescendo G3 accelerator.
Configuration: KS3.1, Cyberstorm MK1 040/40 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 36 GB HDD SCSI, Mediator PCI 4000Di MK3, Voodoo4 4500 32 MB PCI, Sonnet Crescendo 7200 G3/400 MHz + 128 MB, Deneb, Ratte monitor switch, Amiga OS3.9

Amiga 4000T (Escom)

Description: The biggest Amiga on my table and the holy grail of all Amigas. I am very happy to own such beauty and I will try to keep it classic and hi-end ;o)
Configuration: KS3.1, Cyberstorm PPC 604e/333 MHz + 060/50 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 120 GB HDD (SATA over UWSCSI), CyberVision PPC 8MB, Deneb, Prelude + MPEG!it, Ratte monitor switch, Amiga OS3.9


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