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Stop racism [EN]

It was 2011. And I wanted to make something for a new eastern party called Revision. I wanted something different, something nature, something funny, something Amigish and then I got that simple idea. So I created ladybug, some stones, leaves, … And then I cloned bugs to make few variants. I needed some leaves for […]

For ArtWay parties [EN]

I am one of the regular visitors of ArtWay party. Reason is simple, this party is proper demoparty with longest tradition in Czech Republic and Sports Hall is a very cool party place. There are nice guys to meet, no decibel limit, no alcohol limit, good pizza and great atmosphere made by organizers. Reports from […]

My Lightwave 3D beginnings [EN]

Some of my beginnings created with Amiga ;o) Very early stuff in Lightwave: Obsession with computer modelling: Then I was amazed by Ford Mustang:   And newer Mustang model too: Also tried to do some stuff in Tornado 3D: I used Amiga and Pegasos to create my school project “Renewal of town square” in Lighwave: […]

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