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Stop racism [EN]

It was 2011. And I wanted to make something for a new eastern party called Revision. I wanted something different, something nature, something funny, something Amigish and then I got that simple idea.

So I created ladybug, some stones, leaves, …


And then I cloned bugs to make few variants.


I needed some leaves for a background as well.


Putting everything together was not easy, anytime I made test render I realized I need more grass, so I added more and more leaves and made dew for the last detailing.


And this is the reult:


And wide version.


It ranked 10th from 17, but this scene was more about fun and I got special price from my daughter, she wants this as wallpaper on her Eee ;o)

Updated: 2015-05-27 — 23:46
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